From dream to reality

In February of 2002, four local women met over coffee to discuss the need for a library on the Marblehead Peninsula.  We decided to dedicate ourselves to this goal and called ourselves the Marblehead Peninsula Library Committee.


To raise money and awareness, we began selling donated used books on a picnic table in a front yard. Our committee soon became an incorporated non-profit. At every meeting and every book sale, we gathered people who wanted a local library and more books.


Soon the books were outgrowing a storage unit so the committee took a chance, rented a spot on Main Street, and the summer of 2004 opened Ex Libris Bookshop where volunteers sold books and book related items. After 3 years, the books outgrew that space and we purchased a building.


Fundraisers were held each year like our annual Good Librations gala event and silent auction. A Book Club formed that continues to meet monthly. The committee members also began donating books and reading them to Danbury Preschoolers to foster literacy.


After 15 years of raising funds, selling books and making the need for a library known, we reached our goal.  A library tax levy was proposed by the Ida Rupp Library in Port Clinton. It passed and reconstruction began on a building in the Village of Marblehead.  


The Marblehead Peninsula Branch Library opened on June 15, 2017, and we couldn’t be prouder of our local library. We owe a world of thanks to the main library Ida Rupp, our voters, our community, our members, and the legion of volunteers who worked tirelessly. We saw a need, we worked hard, we stuck with it, and IT HAPPENED!  Amazing!


So, now we have changed our name and our goal.  We are the Friends of the Marblehead Peninsula Branch Library and we no longer sell used books at Ex Libris Bookshop.  These days, our fundraising efforts go to support our new branch library. So far we have donated $40,000 toward the reconstruction and money for children’s programs.


Come see our fine library! Get a card, take out books, use the computers and meeting rooms.  Enjoy what a library can bring to a community that nothing else can. It is located at 710 W. Main Street, between the Victory Café and the Dairy Dock.  Yum!

The hours are: Monday 11AM-5:00 PM, Tuesday and Thursday 2:30PM-8:30PM. Friday, 10AM-4PM, Saturday, 10AM-2PM. Closed Wednesday and Sunday.


The Friends of the Marblehead Peninsula Branch Library are living proof of what the famous anthropologist Margaret Mead once said…“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”